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Calcium and silicon both have a strong chemical affinity for oxygen. Especially calcium,
has a strong chemical affinity not only for oxygen, but also for sulphur
and nitrogen. That is why silicon-calcium alloy usually works as a desirable complex
deoxidant and desulphurizer. Silicon-calcium has a strong deoxidant, separating the deoxidized matters easily from the oxide of calcium and silicon, thus
the desired matters are easily discharged and obtained. This method can greatly raise the performance of steel in terms of plasticity, toughness and liquidity.
Currently silicon-calcium alloy can replace aluminum to accomplish the task of final deoxidant, and is used in the production of fine steel, special steel and special
alloy. For example, to turn out rail steel, mild steel, stainless steel, and special alloys such as nickel-based alloy and titanium-based alloy, which can be adopted silicon-calcium alloy as deoxidant. Silicon-calcium alloy can also work as temperature-gaining agent in converter steel making workshop, and as catalyst in production of cast iron, as well as the additive in the production of nodular cast iron. 
     * Active integrated reducer.
     * Degasser steel and cast iron.
     * Effective desulfurisator.
     * Filling of powder wire.
     * The addition of the production of high-strength cast iron.

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